Denny’s: The Tumblr Wizards

When was the last time you ate at a Denny’s?

I sure can’t remember. But I hear about the restaurant’s social presence quite often. Denny’s Tumblr blog has thousands of notes on each post. How can a restaurant with such little real world popularity have a big social media presence?


The majority of Tumblr users are millennials. Humor is one of the main driving forces in what this generation pays attention to and enjoys. Denny’s has so many hilarious posts and they capitalize on current memes and news stories.

The restaurant itself has gained some business but it’s still less popular than its social media and that has to be changed. Celebrity endorsement could go a long way. They have a niche sense of humor so maybe someone from a show like Workaholics or Broad City would be best.

This brand has taken full advantage of the advent of social media marketing. Their Tumblr posts are shared across multiple platforms, especially Twitter. They reach such a broad audience. As weird as they are, they’re doing something right.